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PayNow course registration option is for ICAF/ICAT students who are paying for their courses in full at the time of registration. If you have an individualized payment plan you MUST use the IPP course registration option



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It can take up to 10 business days for payments to be processed. Please make sure to take this time into consideration when registering for classes. All students must enroll in courses no later than two weeks prior to a session’s start date.


ICAF/ICAT PayNow Course Registration:


  • PY011 Required Reading is open only to students currently enrolled in the ICAF or ICAT Certification Program
  • AA005 The Work of the Writer 1 and AA006 The Work of the Writer 2 are not offered every session
  • AA999 Arts Area: Independent Study – must have prior approval to register for this class

PayPal Payment & Check-out – PayNow

sc-but-03USE  PY001  Assessments in Creative Arts Therapy

sc-but-03USE  PY002  Culture & Diversity

sc-but-03USE  PY003   Documentation & Records Management

sc-but-03USE  PY004  Ethics & Standards

sc-but-03USE  PY005  Facilitation Skills (course)

sc-but-03USE  PY006  Group Process & Creative Arts Therapy

sc-but-03USE  PY007  Human Growth & Development Across the Lifespan

sc-but-03USE  PY008  Intermodal Creative Arts Therapy: Theory & Practice

sc-but-03USE  PY009  Intro to Psychology

sc-but-03USE  PY010  Psychopathology

sc-but-03USE  PY011  Required Reading **

sc-but-03USE  PY012  Theories of Counseling & Psychology

sc-but-03USE  AA001  Exploring the Aural 1

sc-but-03USE  AA002  Exploring the Aural 2

sc-but-03USE  AA003  Exploring the Visual 1

sc-but-03USE  AA004  Exploring the Visual 2

sc-but-03USE  AA005  The Work of the Writer 1*

sc-but-03USE  AA006  The Work of the Writer 2*

sc-but-03USE  AA999 Arts Area: Independent Study **

* Not offered every session

**Must have prior approval to enroll



Amounts are US dollars (USD). All payments are through PayPal. Prices and fees are subject to change without notice. The most current course prices and fees are posted on the CELA website.





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