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Psychotherapy/Expressive & Creative Arts Therapy


Understanding MCS: A Therapist’s Guide to Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and Environmental Illness

Understanding MCS is an accessible introduction to Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, Environmental Illness, and mast cell related disorders that is aligned with the DSM-5. Although written primarily for therapists, it is intended to inform all clinicians and healthcare professionals. Understanding MCS contains DSM-5 assessments and coding for these hard to recognize and difficult to manage chronic illnesses. It provides needed insights into the frequently misunderstood and often ignored issues and symptoms associated with chemical sensitivity, environmental illness, and mast cell related disorders. Understanding MCS offers client-focused supports and guidelines for reasonable accommodations, insights regarding treatment planning and interventions, as well as suggestions for alternatives in counseling practice in order to best serve individuals living with these chronic illnesses. Buy $20.75


The Essential Intermodal Creative Arts Therapy Primer for ICAF/ICAT Certification

The required handbook for all students enrolled in CELA’s Intermodal Creative Arts Facilitator (ICAF) Certification Program and Intermodal Creative Arts Therapist (ICAT) Certification Program. The Essential Primer not only is a step-by-step guide for applying to internships and the CELA internship process, it also provides needed information about Intermodal Creative Arts Therapy in practice–intake, assessments, planning for sessions, documentation, professional ethics–and insights regarding the languages of the arts areas, the language of medicine, and how these separate approaches to healing can learn from and communicate with each other in order to best serve the needs of their clients. Buy $22.00


Health & Healing


Eco-Health & the Continuum of Care

Agencies and organizations around the world are recognizing ecosystem awareness and ecosystem understanding as not only key in preventative medicine and healthcare, but also imperative in the management and treatment of diseases. Eco-Health & the Continuum of Care provides a solid foundation in the basics of our healthcare system structure, medical models, the doctor-patient relationship within these models, and the impact of human behaviors on health, disease, and the ecosystems with which we co-exist and depend upon to survive. Buy $24.00


Understanding MCS: An Agency/Provider Guide to Multiple Chemical Sensitivity & Environmental Illness

This much needed book provides insights as well as tools and strategies to educate agency administrators, management, and staff regarding the specific needs of clients with these environmental illnesses (EIs) as well as what should be implemented regarding initial home safety, client safety, and needs assessments, training for staff and direct care providers, ongoing supervision and training, scheduling considerations, and more. Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) is a real, physiological environmental illness affecting growing numbers of people including veterans returning home and needing care. Understanding MCS: An Agency/Provider Guide can be used to inform all healthcare professionals as they plan the care and services they will provide for individuals suffering from the very serious chronic illnesses of MCS, mastocytosis, MCAS, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, and other mast cell activation spectrum related disorders. Buy $20.75




The Preschool Curriculum Handbook

An arts-based curriculum that provides teachers, directors, preschool professionals, and preschools of all kinds with a cohesive program and strong framework for learning. Aligned with NAEYC guidelines for accreditation and with the public school Curriculum Frameworks. User-friendly and easy to understand, for teachers and families. Buy $32.75



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