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Understanding MCS: A Therapist's Guide to Multiple 
Chemical Sensitivity and Environmental Illness, 
Roselle P. O'Brien, LMHC

Newly Updated!--Understanding MCS is an accessible 
introduction to Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, 
Environmental Illness, and mast cell related disorders 
that is aligned with the DSM-5. Written primarily for 
therapists--social workers, mental health counselors, expressive and
creative arts therapists, psychologists--it is intended to inform all 
clinicians and healthcare professionals on how to recognize environmental 
illnesses and the signs and symptoms with which clients may present. 
Understanding MCS offers DSM-5 assessments and coding for these hard to 
recognize and often difficult to manage chronic diseases as well as 
providing client-focused supports, guidelines for reasonable 
accommodations, insights regarding treatment planning, and practical 
suggestions for ways to adapt counseling practices in order to best 
serve individuals living with these chronic illnesses.



Understanding MCS: An Agency/Provider Guide to Multiple 
Chemical Sensitivity & Environmental Illness, 
Roselle P. O'Brien, LMHC

This much needed book provides insights as well as tools 
and strategies to educate agency administrators, management, 
and staff regarding the specific needs of clients with these 
environmental Illnesses (EIs) as well as what should be implemented 
regarding initial home safety, client safety, and needs assessments, training 
for staff and direct care providers, ongoing supervision and training, 
scheduling considerations, and more. Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) is 
a real, physiological environmental illness affecting growing numbers of 
people including veterans returning home and needing care. Understanding 
MCS: An Agency/Provider Guide can be used to inform all healthcare 
professionals as they plan the care and services they will provide for 
individuals suffering from the very serious chronic illnesses of MCS, 
mastocytosis, MCAS, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, and other mast 
cell activation spectrum related disorders.



Eco-Health & the Continuum of Care, Roselle P. O'Brien 

Agencies and organizations around the world are recognizing 
ecosystem awareness and ecosystem understanding as key in 
preventative medicine and healthcare, and imperative in the 
management and treatment of diseases. Eco-Health & the 
Continuum of Care examines eco-health, the face of our 
changing healthcare system, and the very real and difficult needs of 
individuals living with chronic environmental illnesses. Eco-Health & the 
Continuum of Care provides a solid foundation in the basics of our 
healthcare system structure, medical models, the doctor-patient relationship 
within these models, and the impact of human behaviors on health, disease, 
and the ecosystems with which we co-exist and depend upon to survive.