Letters of Completion


CELA confers ICAF, ICAT, and ICAE certificates in July of each year. All candidates receive a Letter of Completion with their ICAF, ICAT, or ICAE certificate in July. The letter is proof of having successfully met all the requirements of ICAF, ICAT, or ICAE certification through CELA.


Should you complete your training prior to or after July of any year, CELA will mail you a Letter of Completion as soon as you have successfully finished your program. You may use the Letter of Completion during the interim period until you receive your certificate.


Request a Letter of Completion

Replacement Letters of Completion can be requested online.

  1. Complete the Letter of Completion Request Online Form and select the “PayNow” option from the “Payment option” drop-down box on the form;
  2. Pay for your Letter of Completion using the PayPal Payment & Check-out portal located at the top of the Letter of Completion Request Online Form page.



Replacement Letters of Completion are $6.00/each


Special Situations

If you are unable submit the online Letter of Completion request you can make your request for a Letter of Completion in letter form and mail it to CELA with a check or money order payment.


Include the following information in your letter: your name, your name while attending CELA if different, your CELA student ID#, the date you completed your CELA certification program, your full address (including zip code), telephone, email, and if you are requesting the Letter of Completion be sent to someone else other than you (for example, an admissions office, agency, or business.) Make sure you include the recipient’s complete address and full contact information.



All payments are through PayPal. Prices are U.S. dollars (USD)


Processing Requests

Letter of Completion requests are processed in the order in which they are received and after payment has successfully cleared. Make sure your Letter of Completion request is submitted well in advance of any deadlines you may have. Please allow up to 10 business days from the date we receive your transcript request for processing.


Expedited Delivery

You can request and pay an additional fee for expedited delivery of your Letter of Completion. Requesting expedited deliver does not shorten the time it takes to process your Letter of Completion request. It shortens mailing times only. This service is available Monday through Friday and is not available on holidays. The cost for expedited delivery varies depending on the Letter of Completion’s destination. The fee is $40.00 for Letters of Completion mailed within the United States or Canada, and $55.00 for all other locations. Typically Letters of Completion with expedited delivery are received 1-3 days after the date on which the Letter of Completion request payment was successfully processed.

To place an expedited Letter of Completion delivery, make sure you have the complete destination mailing address.


Expedited Processing

Expedited processing for Letter of Completion requests is available in certain situations. Please contact CELA using the message box below if you Letter of Completion request is urgent to discuss possible expedited processing and any additional fees this may incur.


Questions or more information:

All letter of completion costs and fees are subject to change without notice. The most current letter of completion costs and fees are posted on the CELA website.




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