ICAF/ICAT Online Transcript Request



You must use the PayNow option for all request for ICAF or ICAT transcripts. Payments are made online through the PayPal Payment & Check-out portal (below). You MUST complete and submit the online Transcript Request form (immediately beneath the payment portal) for your transcript request to be processed.



This payment option is ONLY for special situation transcript requests and must have CELA approval:

  1. Complete the Online Transcript Request form below;
  2. Select “InvoiceMe” from the “Payment option” drop-down list;
  3. Submit the Online Transcript Request form;
  4. If approved, a CELA invoice will be emailed to you through PayPal;
  5. Click “Pay” on the invoice to pay for your transcript.


PayPal Payment & Check-out – PayNow Option

  • ICAF Official Transcript $6.00/each                     sc-but-03USE
  • ICAF Unofficial Transcript $4.00/each               sc-but-03USE
  • ICAT Official Transcript $6.00/each                     sc-but-03USE
  • ICAT Unofficial Transcript $4.00/each               sc-but-03USE
  • Expedited Delivery U.S. & Canada $40.00      sc-but-03USE
  • Expedited Delivery Outside U.S. & Canada    sc-but-03USE


ICAF/ICAT Online Transcript Request:

All transcript costs and fees are subject to change without notice. The most current transcript costs and fees are posted on the CELA website.


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