Student Resources


Support for Learning Needs & Health Issues

Students with documented disabilities may request reasonable accommodations for their coursework and/or internship through CELA’s Disability Resources. Contact Student Resources using the message box below with any questions you may have regarding requesting reasonable accommodations due to disability.


CELA requires students with severe health problems to seek help. A student may be required to seek professional help if physical or psychological health problems: (1) place the student’s life in potential danger; (2) impairs his or her ability to maintain an academic program; (3) when his or her behavior is a serious disruption to others (e.g., at internship site.) If a student does not agree to participate in medical and/or psychological treatment, his or her ability to continue in CELA programs will be jeopardized.


Contact Student Resources:

IMPORTANT: Do not share confidential or private information/protected health information in any communication or message you may leave. Protection Status

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