Alternative & Holistic Healthcare Certificate


Alternative medicines embrace a wide variety of approaches to health, healing, and wellness. These approaches include diet and nutrition, acupuncture, hypnosis, expressive/creative arts therapies, mindfulness, mind-body-spirit practices, and more.


CELA’s Alternative & Holistic Healthcare Certificate provides a foundation in alternative medical and holistic approaches in healthcare that can be incorporated into clinical, educational, and consulting professional practice.


General Education Requirement

CELA’s Alternative & Holistic Healthcare Certificate Program requires completion of the following 5 General Education courses:

  • AH01  Alternative Medical Approaches: A Survey
  • AH02  Theories of Holistic Care
  • AH03  Intro to Medical Anthropology
  • AH04  Eco-Health: Illness & Wellness
  • AH05  Nutrition 1


Elective Requirement

In addition to the 5 General Education courses, the Alternative & Holistic Healthcare Certificate Program requires the completion of 1 elective course. Elective courses can be chosen from the following CELA online courses:

  • AH06  Nutrition 2
  • AH07  Intro to Soundscape Therapy
  • AH08  Welcome to my Garden: Horticulture, Health, & Healing
  • AH09  Intro to Eco Arts Therapy
  • AH10  Breaking Bread: A Culinary Journey of Spirit


The Capstone Project

All Alternative & Holistic Healthcare Certificate students are required to complete a capstone project. The capstone project planning begins at the start of your training and the final product is due at the successful conclusion of all General Education coursework. All students are automatically enrolled in the course, AH00 Capstone Project, (this course is free.) Students design their capstone project as a culmination of their learning and and focus on an area that is of special interest to them. The course AH00 Capstone Project provides full details and instructions for completing the capstone project.


Program Overview

All courses are online and presented in a module format. Each class is one module and each module has several lessons. Students work at their own pace to complete the work of the program.


The Alternative & Holistic Healthcare Certificate Program must be completed within 12 months of enrollment.


Transfer Credit

CELA does not accept transfer credit for the Alternative & Holistic Healthcare Certificate Program. All courses must be completed through CELA.



Tuition for the Alternative & Holistic Healthcare Certificate is $500 (Does not include fees or the cost of required course books.)


Individualized payment options are available for all qualifying students who have been accepted into a Certificate Program. Contact Financial Aid to set up an individualized payment plan.


Course Descriptions


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