Eco-Health Certificate

The CELA Eco-Health Certificate Program is for individuals who would like to expand their knowledge and understanding in order to provide appropriate support for people living with chronic environmental illnesses.


Who should take this program

  • Life coaches
  • Individual and group facilitators
  • Regular education and special education teachers and specialists
  • Consultants
  • Administrators
  • Family members and significant others
  • & More


Areas of learning include

  • Understanding environmental illnesses and their physical, emotional, psychosocial impact on lives
  • The medical, care, and support needs of a person living with a chronic Environmental Illness (EI)


How long does it take? 

The Eco-Health Certificate online program must be completed within 10 months from the formal start date of your program.


Transfer credit

CELA does not accept transfer credit for this program.



The Eco-Health Certificate Program is  $375


There are two payment options available:

  • Make one payment of $375
  • Payment Plan: make two payments of $187.50 each


Program overview

The CELA Eco-Health Certificate Program is entirely online.  The program is taught in module format and consists of 5 individual modules. Each module is made up of 5 lessons and each lesson takes about 5 hours to complete. Typically, students complete one lesson per week. There is a quiz at the end of each module. There is a cumulative final exam taken after all the work of the modules and the quizzes have been successfully completed. Students create their own schedule for study. Quizzes and the final exam are online. Students work at their own pace within the given time-frame for program completion.


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