Eco-Health Bundle

The CELACare Eco-Health Bundle is an option for nurses, CNAs, therapists, and other licensed healthcare professionals who would like to have the additional training necessary in order to provide direct care services to clients who are living with environmental illnesses such as MCS, MCAS, mastocytosis, chronic fatigue syndrome, asthma, allergies, and other associated illnesses.


How long does it take?

The Eco-Health Bundle is entirely online and must be completed within 8 months from the date of your enrollment / purchase.


Transfer Credit

CELA does not accept transfer credit for this program.



The Eco-Health Bundle is $99
(Price does not include fees or the cost of any required course books)


Program Overview

The Eco-Health Bundle requires completing 3 classes. CELA online classes are in module format. Each class is one module and each module has several lessons/units. A Certificate of Completion in Eco-Health and Environmental Illness Studies is provided upon successful completion of the program.


Required Classes:

  • EHO2 Understanding Environmental Illness
  • EH11 Fundamentals in the Continuum of Care for Healthcare Professionals
  • EH09 Working with Clients with Environmental Illnesses


Optional Elective Class:
(Students choose 1 class from the list below)

  • EH04  Chronic Illness & Chronic Environmental Illness
  • EH07 Nutrition & Environmental Illness
  • EH00 Capstone Project

This program is self-guided. Students create their own schedules for study. Quizzes are online. All completed coursework is submitted online. Students work at their own pace within the given timeframe for completion.


Eco-Health Course Descriptions


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