CELA has rolling admissions for all programs. There are no deadlines for submitting completed applications to our programs.


Admission process for ICAF, ICAT, ICAE,  and EWF programs

The admission process and application review for the Intermodal Creative Arts Facilitator (ICAF), Intermodal Creative Arts Therapist (ICAT), Intermodal Creative Arts Educator (ICAE) Certification Programs and the Expressive Writing Facilitator (EWF) Certificate Program typically takes four to six weeks. Applicants will be notified of their admission review results by email. A nonrefundable application fee is required. Please see each program’s application instructions and tuition & fees for the most current information. The admission review cannot be completed until the application payment has processed and we have received all supporting application documents. In-process applications are held for a maximum of three months at which point a new application will need to be submitted and a new application fee paid.


The Application Review

The application review cannot be completed until CELA has received all application documents (including all transcripts, all letters of recommendation, and any additional supporting materials,) and the application fee has processed successfully. Incomplete applications cannot be processed. CELA holds incomplete applications for a maximum of three months after which time a new application must be submitted.


What to expect

You will receive a confirmation email when CELA receives your application. CELA will send an email update, when we have received all supporting materials and the application fee has been processed successfully, notifying you that your application is complete and is being reviewed.


Admission process for the AHHC Certificate and the Eco-Health Programs

There is no formal admission process for the Alternative & Holistic Healthcare (AHHC) Certificate and the Eco-Health Programs. Simply click/tap the “Enroll & Start Today!” link at the bottom of the program’s  page. You will have immediate access to the program upon successful processing of your payment.


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