Student Services

Support for Learning Needs & Health Issues

Students with documented disabilities may request reasonable accommodations through CELA’s Disability Resources. Contact Student Resources using the message box below with any questions you may have regarding requesting reasonable accommodations due to disability.


CELA requires students with severe health problems to seek help. A student may be required to seek professional help if physical or psychological health problems: (1) place the student’s life in potential danger; (2) impairs his or her ability to maintain an academic program; (3) when his or her behavior is a serious disruption to others (e.g., at internship site.) If a student does not agree to participate in medical and/or psychological treatment, his or her ability to continue in CELA programs will be jeopardized.



Letters of Completion

CELA confers ICAF, ICAT, and ICAE certificates in July of each year. All candidates receive a Letter of Completion with their ICAF, ICAT, or ICAE certificate in July. The letter is proof of having successfully met all the requirements of ICAF, ICAT, or ICAE certification through CELA.


Should you complete your training prior to or after July of any year, CELA will mail you a Letter of Completion as soon as you have successfully finished your program. You may use the Letter of Completion during the interim period until you receive your certificate.


Request a Letter of Completion:

  • Please contact us to request your replacement letter of completion
  • Replacement Letters of Completion are $6.00/each




Student transcripts can be requested at any time. Contact us to request a copy of your transcript. Transcripts must be requested in writing and must must include the following information:

  • Your name when you  attended CELA (if it is different than your current name)
  • Your current mailing address
  • Your email and phone
  • The CELA program you completed and the date of completion
  • If you are requesting an official or unofficial transcript
  • Address official transcript is to be mailed
  • If requesting an unofficial transcript, state if you would like it mailed to you or emailed

Please allow up to 3 weeks from the date of our receipt of  your payment to process your transcript request.



  • Official Transcripts $6.00/each
  • Unofficial Transcripts $2.00/each



The Student Guide

CELA’s Student Guide has all the information you need to help you in your successful completion of your program. Refer to the Student Guide to learn CELA policies, principles of study, grievance process and procedures, and additional information in key areas.



All costs and fees are subject to change without notice. The most current costs and fees are posted on the CELA website. Amounts are US dollars (USD). Payments are through PayPal.