What We Do


Our Creative Arts Therapy Certification Programs

CELA’s Intermodal Creative Arts Facilitator (ICAF) and Intermodal Creative Arts Therapist (ICAT) certification programs are inclusive intermodal creative arts training that prepare facilitators and therapists to best meet the needs of their clients by drawing on and moving among multiple arts area modalities. Learn more about intermodal Creative Arts Certification


Alternative & Holistic Healthcare Certificate Program

The Alternative & Holistic Healthcare Certificate Program provides an understanding of alternative medicine and holistic theories that can be woven and integrated into clinical, educational, and consulting work and professional practice. Alternative medicines embrace a wide variety of approaches to health, healing, and wellness. Our certificate program explores current issues and trends in a variety of holistic and alternative approaches with a focus on intervention strategies. Learn more about the Alternative & Holistic Healthcare Certificate Program


CELACare Eco-Health Certificate Programs

CELA’s Eco-Health Certificate Programs focus on supporting people who are living with chronic environmental illnesses. It is essential for people with environmental illnesses to receive supports from care givers trained in understanding these diseases and how they impact the lives and needs of individuals, their families, significant others, and the ways in which care is provided. Learn more about the Eco-Health Certificate Programs


CELACare Eco-Health Consulting

The physical environment and the products you use and put into it are as important as the food you eat and the air you breathe. Our eco-health consultants are here to help you make the better choice – for yourself, your family, and the environment. Whether it’s hanging shelves, painting a room, or planning a larger home project, CELACare Eco-Health Consulting is here to answer your questions and provide you with health and safety information you need on products and materials.



Help with your writing when you need it. Tighten your papers! Aim for the better grade! Whether it’s writing a letter, a long or short paper, finishing a thesis – help is an email away. Online supports include proof-reading, editing, revision, and virtual conference tutorials. Our staff of licensed teachers, experienced tutors, and professional writers are available to meet your writing support needs. We offer writing supports by licensed teachers who are certified in TESOL—Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. Disability writing supports are provided by licensed Teachers of Students with Disabilities to meet individualized learning needs. HelpWriteNow – writing help when you need it!


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The Center for English Language Arts Publishing

CELA publishes select books and other original works in Psychotherapy/Expressive & Creative Arts Therapy, Health & Healing, Education, Fiction/Nonfiction, Music & The Arts. The Center for English Language Arts Publishing does not accept unsolicited material. Browse our Books!


The Counseling Center at CELA

Counseling Center Mission: The Counseling Center at CELA offers therapy, counseling, and support services for individuals, families, and groups living with chronic environmental illnesses, working in partnership with clients and embracing an integrative and holistic approach to health, healing, and wellness.

Counseling Center Mission Objectives: provide psychotherapy, Creative Arts Therapy, counseling, and support services to individuals, families, and groups living with chronic environmental illnesses; encourage and support individuals, families, and groups in maximizing and maintaining their optimum potential for wellness, health, and quality of life; encourage and support individuals, families, and groups through the use of Creative Arts Therapy and the expressive therapies; support and advance the role of the creative arts in therapy, intermodal Creative Arts Therapy, and the expressive therapies; promote and support research in the creative arts and the creative arts in therapy that deepens our understanding of their power and potential in healing, in personal growth, and in creating positive change for individuals, groups, and communities.


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