Financial Aid Application

CELA financial assistance is in the form of tuition remission and covers partial to full tuition costs for CELA’s ICAF, ICAT, ICAE, and EWF programs.  The cost of course books is not included.


Click/Tap here to download CELA Financial Aid Statement



There are several scholarships available each academic year for new and returning students who have been accepted into the ICAF, ICAT, ICAE, EWF programs and who qualify. CELA scholarships are need-based and applications for financial assistance are evaluated on an individual basis.



Financial aid determinations are made after considering all of a candidate’s admission information including but not limited to the personal statement, resume, work history and experience, the financial aid application, and each person’s demonstrated financial need.


The financial aid review and determination process typically takes four weeks. Please contact CELA with any financial aid questions you may have.


Online Application

Please read the CELA Financial Aid Statement, the Financial Aid application instructions, and the online Financial Aid application form carefully. Make sure you complete all the required sections of the application and provide all the required information. CELA cannot process incomplete applications. Contact us regarding how to submit supporting documentation.


CELA does not keep copies of any supporting documentation submitted as part of a financial aid application. Once a financial aid determination has been made, all supporting documentation and materials are destroyed. CELA keeps a digital copy of the financial aid application only.


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