Pay Tuition: ICAE Instructions


Please read all of the payment information below before making your selection


Payment Overview

The total tuition for the ICAE Certification Program is the combined cost of the student’s General Education classes, Arts Area classes, and the supervised practicum which is the the supervision for the required practicum and the class ED007 ArtsEd Practicum.


Tuition payments for the ICAE Certification Program can be made in full or according to an approved individualized payment plan (IPP).


CELA certification programs are highly individualized. Each student’s Individualized Study Plan (ISP) is developed based on the number of approved transfer credits they may have received for completed prior coursework as well as additional information. We do not believe in requiring students to repeat coursework which they have already successfully completed at another institution. Not every student will have received transfer credits or the same number of transfer credits. Therefore, each student’s tuition costs can differ.


Payment Options

In order to make paying online as easy as possible for our students, we offer two basic options: PayNow and IPP.


  • The PayNow option is for students who have not received transfer credits and who wish to pay their tuition expenses in full


  • The Individualized Payment Plan (IPP) is available for all students who have been accepted into the ICAE Certification Program who would like to pay using an individualized payment plan. The IPP tuition payment option is available to all ICAE students, regardless of their transfer credit status.


Students can choose whether to include the supervised practicum cost (which is the supervision for the required practicum and the class ED007 ArtsEd Practicum) as part of their in full tuition payment or students can opt to pay for their supervisised practicum and ED007 separately.


Make  a Payment

Click/Tap here for the PayNow option


Click/Tap here for the IPP option



We strongly encourage all students to contact Financial Aid to discuss payment options and individualized payment plans in order to select the payment option that best meets their financial needs.




Questions or more information:

Amounts are US dollars (USD). All payments are through PayPal. Prices subject to change without notice. The most current tuition and fee amounts are posted on the CELA website.
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